Symptoms related to the rectum can occur from colon cancer, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, anal warts or polyps. Infectious processes can occur from ruptured of a polyp of infection within a colon cancer.

Symptoms of incontinence may be the result of neurological damage to the rectal sphincter or direct injury to the sphincter, such as may occur with childbirth. Spinal cord tumors or multiple sclerosis could also lead to incontinence.

Chronic diarrhea and acute diarrhea have many diverse causes. They may or not be infectious. They may be the result of antibiotic therapy or chemotherapy. IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease all may lead to diarrhea. All forms of diarrhea lead to loss of fluids and electrolytes and can result in serious systemic symptoms. Some forms of diarrhea may involve bleeding, leading to anemia.

Symptoms in the buttock frequently involve pain. This is commonly the result of sciatica. Here, a ruptured disc may impinge on one of the nerves exiting the spine that forms the sciatic nerve. Back pain is common.

Pain in the pelvic and low back area may occur with disease of the prostate, such as prostate cancer or uterine cancer. Symptoms of pregnancy can include pain in the lower portion of the back or pressure in the rectal region.

Internists, gastroenterologists, general surgeons and rectal surgeons all treat these disorders. Disease of the nerves may require consultation with neurologist, neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons.

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