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Ear symptoms - Female

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Loss of Hearing
Ringing of the Ear
Discharge from the Ear
Dizziness and Vertigo

Only rarely do disorders of hearing and balance produce life threatening conditions. When they occur, it is most commonly seen with tumors that arise from the vestibular or acoustic nerve and produce acoustic neuromas. Hearing loss, balance problems, facial weakness and in severe cases, coma or death may occur.

More common disorders associated with the ear and with hearing involve loss of function. These produce difficulty hearing, problems understanding speech and problems in communication.

Intimately involved with the body's balance apparatus, hearing problems are frequently associated with dizziness or vertigo.

Infections in the skull, the ear, the sinuses and the nasal cavity can lead to hearing problems. These infections can penetrate the skull and produce meningitis and brain abscess.

Other conditions that may be associated with the ear include hearing loss, multiple sclerosis, basilar skull fractures, herpes infection, strokes, cholesteatoma and allergies.

Surgical therapies involve ENT surgeons, Otologists and Plastic Surgeons.


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