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Face Symptoms - Male

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Abnormal Facial Movements
Facial Pain
Facial Weakness
Flushing of the Face
Jaw Pain
Jaw Swelling
Lumps of the Face
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Dry skin
Skin infections
Sunburn and aging of the skin

Symptoms found on the face include abnormal facial movements, weakness, acne, flushing, lumps and facial pain.

Some of these facial symptoms can occur from problems within the nervous system, such as weakness, pain or abnormal movements.

Some of the facial symptoms can reflect local disease, such as skin cancers, abscesses or sinusitis. Some may reflect distant disease such as carcinoid or thyroid disease.

The important thing to remember is that understanding the underlying cause of your facial symptoms may be crucial. Education of patients about their facial symptoms improves the chance of obtaining the right diagnosis and obtaining prompt and correct treatment.


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