There are a great number of conditions that produce symptoms within the head and face. This is largely a reflection of the many organs that occupy this portion of the body. These organ systems include the brain, the scalp, the eye, the ear, the nose, the face, the mouth and the throat.

Potentially life-threatening conditions frequently arise in these areas of the body. It is imperative to be able to rapidly identify the source of these symptoms and obtain the right medical treatment

Headaches can be a sign of stress, migraine headache or ruptured aneurysm. Headaches can occur from brain tumors, such as acoustic neuromas or glioblastoma multiforme.

Degeneration of the brain can produce confusion, urinary incontinence and gait disturbances. NPH or normal pressure hydrocephalus, Alzheimer's disease and brain tumors can all produce these symptoms.

Hair loss can occur from genetic conditions, rashes, burns and hormonal changes. Sometimes, they can be corrected with drugs or hair transplants.

Visual problems can affect vision. They can occur with glaucoma, cataracts and presbyopia. They can be treated with surgical procedures such as lasik, lens replacement and drugs. Dry eye is a very common problem. Many drugs, such as Restasis, can treat it.

Hearing loss is frequently not correctable except with hearing aids. Tumors can occur in the nerves that supply the middle ear, forming acoustic neuromas. Cholesteatomas can occur in the middle ear and mastoid. Dizziness, vertigo, nausea and vomiting are frequently associated with problems in the middle ear.

Facial problems run the gamut from acne to skin cancer. Wrinkles and ageing of the skin can be treated with drugs, face-lifts and laser therapy.

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