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WebMed presents the patient with symptom categories containing groups of different symptoms displayed in boxes. These boxes of symptoms typically occur in the conditions or diseases the patient may have. By selecting the most appropriate box, a list of possible conditions that might produce these symptoms is displayed. By reading the short summary of each condition, the user can further discriminate the most likely condition he/she is experiencing. WebMed provides links to physicians and specialists that treat these conditions. Additionally, links are offered to nationally known educational websites for each condition to further assist the user in screening their condition and obtaining other useful information including potential treatment options.

  • Online Diagnosis

    Use our free health screening to help determine the source of your medical symptoms to hekp us find your diagnosis from over 2000 diseases. More

  • Recent Medical News

    WebMed strives to improve the use of the internet as an easy-to-use academic, professional, and consumer medical resource. More

  • Symptoms Lookup A-Z

    WebMed allows you to find causes of medical symptoms, and links to more medical information on the selected symptom. More

  • Doctor Locator

    The'Physician Directory' is provided by WebMD for use by the general public as a quick reference of information about physicians. More

  • Disease Lookup A-Z

    WebMed gives you free access to health information about a wide range of illnesses and diseases including links to external sources. More

  • Medical Term Dictionary

    Online medical dictionary that provides quick access to wide range of hard-to-spell and often misspelled medical definitions. More